Michael Wier

This is my 12th season guiding for the Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters. I grew up in this area, and have been fishing the same waters I guide on, from the time I was 7. If you are new to this sport I would be happy to take you out and teach you some valuable skills, while we chase some fish around. If you are an advanced fisherman, I'm sure I can help you improve on your skills and show you some quality spots. Please keep in mind our fisheries are good, but by no means world class. People who have seen my videos think we catch 20" trout on every other cast. The truth is those fish in the videos are the best fish form a whole season for fishing. Realistically if we catch 4-5 nice fish on any given day,on our rivers, we consider that a good day. So if your last guide day was a 50 fish day on the Big Horn, please don't come here with those kind of expectations What I can provide is quality instruction and honest advice that is backed by years of experience. My days are filling up quick this summer, so please book in advance.

You can contact me directly thorough this web site or check out www.TahoeFlyFishing.com


Loren Elliott & I, East Carson River



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“It was one of those days you hoped would never end. Just you and your buddy, no one else around, and trout on every cast. I don’t know how many fish we caught that day, or even landed, but one thing is for sure……….it will be the day that all successful fishing days are measured against from now on.”