Season of the Mayfly

This has truly been the season of the mayfly, and we were there to capture the highlights. This Issue features a fast passed intro designed to get you stoked to do some fishing. It starts out with the best hatch shots and the most exciting fish of the season. Then we visit Andy Burk and his friends from the Truckee River Outfitters for an in depth look at the Truckee River. Next we have experts, John Copland, Victor Babbitt, and Ryan Davey to share with you some of their tips for imitating Terrestrials. Then we take a peak at what winter fishing on the East Walker is really like with Nathan Yant and Scott Freeman. Also, Kevin Price and Johnny Pares take you to their favorite spot on the Stanislas River. Finally guide and video author Michael Wier shares his thoughts on the mighty and elusive Brown Trout. If that's not enough for you, we also have some bonus features including fishing for yellow fish in South Africa.

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"Over the course of a year the Truckee always hands me a few beatings, and i just take them in stride, knowing the next day could be my day. The switch could get flicked, and i could be the lucky guy catching all the fish."


Season of the Mayfly