East Walker River

What an enlightening time to be a South Lake Tahoe resident. Each morning I wake up in my bed and have to decide Snowboarding or Fishing. If there is fresh snow, I'm going boarding for shure. If the snow sucks, I'm going fishing. Other days it is a hard descision. Some times I lie in bed and flip a coin. Heads for shred, tails for fishing. After the cfs on the East Walker increaded from 21 to 55 in a matter of days, the fishing was stupid good. I usually go down and meet up with my friend who I will talk more about later.

Starting in Febuary the fishing on the East Walker inproved everyday. Come April they like to blow it out with fluxuating flows, depending on how much water the Bridgeport Resivor got that winter. When the flows start pumping the fishing gets tough. It's great for the river, but the fish have to move around allot. Durring Febuary the flows are usually pretty stable. It makes finding the fishes hiding spots allot easier. When the flows are at 55cfs, it is perfect for fishing drys in the shallows and nymphs in the deeper buckets. There is lots of bug activity even on the cold days. My favorit are the blue wing olives and the squalla stones. Squalla, Squalla all the fishes in the river say Holla, Holla. Yeah so anyway when the flows go up is a good time to start chucking streamers. It's harder to find the fish in the off color water, so you have to cover more of it. The fish end up having to move in and out allot. I'm not talking about the honey holes, they stay mostly the same. I'm refering to the trout you catch probing the off areas or overlooked spots. The fish in the EW like to sit in all kinds of strange places.

My friend is Scott Freeman. He lives in Bridgeport C.A. Scott fishes most of the fall, winter, and early sping on the East Walker. He knows the Walker very well. Luckly for me we're friends. I call to see if he is going fishing that day and 90% of the time he is. I always ask "Are you solo today?". "Yep" he says. "Sweet, lets meet up on the riv." Scott is a great guy to fish with, and a terrible guy to fish behind. The idea when fishing the Wlker is to find out where Scott is fishing and either haul ass in the opposite direction, or fish with him. This will help keep the fly fishing sucks face to a minamun.

Trevor Wine




“It was one of those days you hoped would never end. Just you and your buddy, no one else around, and trout on every cast. I don’t know how many fish we caught that day, or even landed, but one thing is for sure……….it will be the day that all successful fishing days are measured against from now on.”